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Hop on. - Lazy

Adia Project is an informational repository for a geofiction/worldbuilding project of the same name centered on a planet called Adia, inspired and drawing from other more well known worldbuilding projects such as The Otherworld Project[1], Nation-roleplay communities such as Esquarium and similar personal projects such as Steampulp.

It's kind of a personal practice box for me, where I dabble on art, fiction writing, graphic design and worldbuilding while on the way learning something in the process, some kind of a main storage area for my ideas and the gestalt of inspirations I get in the internet or in real life. It's not much developed, yes, and there are still broad brush strokes at the moment.


What is this place again?

You're in a wiki about a place that doesn't exist. Most likely it doesn't.

Why are you doing this?

Because I want to and I can.


Adia Project is set in a world similar to us but slightly more visually appealing. Kinda. The world is mostly in the early days of global discovery and colonialism, while modernity is advancing the known world. Major powers throughout the civilized world, differing in worldview and ideals, have begun an uneasy journey of discovery, contact and peace, with unforeseen results.


  1. This one has the most influence on this wiki, writing-wise.